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In 1970, it was born in Kanagawa-pref in Japan. Showa University department of dentistry graduation. Dental doctor. The medical corporation AISEIKAI chief director. Toe reader(SWIHA). Author.
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TAKAHARU UMEZU way of thinking

Dentist proposing the ultimate preventive measures

Everyone desires to be healthy and live a happy life. However, many people think that this is a very difficult thing to realize. While we are exposed to the risks of various diseases, healthcare costs are steadily increasing. Is it really so difficult to stay healthy?

Wild animals generally enjoy healthy lives as they are said not to develop cancer. They do, of course, develop some diseases, but what is obvious is that they never voluntarily take on any behavior that can cause a disease to themselves. Since the preservation of the species is definitely the most important principle for them, they instinctively avoid taking on behaviors that can lead to their extinction; for example, excessive eating, drinking and working.

Why is it difficult for human beings to live a healthy life like wild animals despite the fact that we are also animals? What is the difference between us and them? Furthermore, what is the definition of good health? It can be defined as living in a state without illness. Indeed, being ill is in some ways an unnatural state. In other words, being in good health is natural for living things. Wild animals keep their health by living in the wild in a natural way.

The biggest difference between human beings and other animals is that we can think. With a highly developed brain, human beings have the ability to think about many things in many ways. Thanks to this ability, we have established great cultures and civilizations. The ability to think, however, has also brought about stress in our life. That stress is, I think, a manifestation of our agitated minds and feelings.

A study led by Dr. Norio Shimura, a former assistant professor at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, found that mice placed in stressful situations to stimulate their sympathetic nerve system developed dental cavities. However, when a mouse received pressure to its acupressure points on its forefoot and its parasympathetic nerve system was stimulated, it developed no cavities.

These results show that animals develop cavities when there is a dysfunction in their autonomic nervous system. The findings reveal that cavities are not necessarily caused by sugar or inadequate tooth brushing.

In the same way, autonomic nervous system dysfunction is now being considered as a cause of other diseases including cancers. In short, diseases may be caused by autonomic nervous system dysfunction, and what causes the dysfunction is stress, emotional upset and mental disturbance.

Wild animals do not bother themselves by thinking like human beings. We cannot prevent ourselves thinking various negative thoughts related to trauma from the past, troubles that we have now, anxiety about the future, and the need to blame other people and even ourselves. If we can take control of our thoughts, we may live life peacefully without suffering from illness.

As I mentioned at the beginning, most people hope to be in good health and live a happy life. Taking control of their thoughts on their own is most critical in realizing this hope. Letting our own thoughts offend our feelings is absurd, isn’t it?

Here, focusing on thoughts as the cause of cavities, I established a method named “Teeth Reading®” to help people to take control of their thoughts. According to this method, the emotions or feelings that the patient had when he or she developed the cavity are identified by its location and the evidence of dental treatment. Today, most people receive dental treatment without considering why they developed the cavity or other problem. Teeth and gums are very vulnerable to autonomic nervous system dysfunction, and the inside of our mouth can be thought of as the “window” of our thoughts. If we can find what we think or feel through the state of the mouth, we will be able to live a meaningful life as well as to prevent cavities.

What should we do to gain control of our thoughts? Changing the values that we have held is, I believe, quite important. We need to change our values, the basis of our thoughts, and lifestyles, by learning from people who have successfully overcome their cancers or other diseases.

The values that we have work as the criteria for how we judge and interpret things. We decide whether an incident is a good event or not in accordance with these criteria. Although many people tend to consider that these criteria are their own original ones, they are established based on other people’s ideas, thoughts and opinions in many cases. They have learned these ideas from their parents, friends, TV, movies, books and so on. Whether we are aware of this fact or not makes a big difference in our life. Therefore, I recommend humbly accepting this fact and exploring the foundations of your own criteria. Such an attitude will make it possible for you to make the best use of the unique function of human beings, the ability to think. Give up any criteria that are based on other people’s ideas.

You can control the agitation inside you and keep your autonomic nervous system calm by doing this, and as a result, your body will not be affected by illness. I believe that such behavior is the ultimate preventive measure against illness.

Disease prevention is not realized just by doing some things more or less or by depending on someone or resorting to something. On the contrary it can be realized by living in a natural way. It also means being truly independent, and thinking in ways that do not place any unnecessary burden on us. That is; keeping the autonomic nervous system balanced is the true way to prevent disease.

Moreover, when the autonomic nervous system is balanced, life goes well. As you see, people feeling no stress live naturally and with feel happiness throughout their life. I believe that living happily is the very purpose of all people on the earth.

As far as I know, I am the only dentist in the world who thinks like this but I want to share this idea with the world to provide a truly healthy life for all the people on the earth.

I’m convinced that this idea will change some common principles of dentistry, and what you have taken for granted will change as well.

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